• Information on Common Mental Illnesses

    Information on Common Mental Illnesses

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    Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mind usually accompanied by feeling uneasy, pacing around or bodily tension. Anxiety is a common human reaction to an unpleasant or threatening state or stress.

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    Bipolar Disorder

    It is a type of psychological illness. It is an illness like any other illness. it is used to be called ‘manic depression’. As the older name suggests, someone with bipolar disorder will have severe mood swings.

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    Depressive Disorder

    It is a type of psychological illness. It is an illness like any other illness. Generally, we all become sad at some point in time, such as when we get fewer marks in exams, when someone gets sick in the house, on losing the job, etc..

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    OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) is an anxiety disorder characterised by unwanted and repetitive thoughts (obsessions), and actions (compulsions) carried out by the sufferer in an attempt to rid themselves of the anxiety caused by those thoughts

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    Just like the physical body gets old, our brain also undergoes aging. In some individuals, there is more damage when compared to others. The term ‘dementia’ is given to this ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities, and its group of related symptoms.

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    It’s a mental illness that happens to 1 out of 100. There is an unusual change in the person’s thinking, emotions and behavior in this disease, due to which a person becomes unable to fulfil his/her responsibilities and care.

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    Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders

    Many people have different types of physical symptoms, such as headaches, joint pain, abdominal symptoms, symptoms of chest and symptoms of menstruation and nervous system such as hearing of hands, but with paralysis or lack of strength Doctors come to some of these people, after examining the examinations of the doctors and no physical cause is found in the present medical science.

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    About DDTC

    One of the major influences in my training as a psychiatrist was that of Dr. Robert A. Moore of the University of Michigan, USA. He was the Director of Residency Training while I trained there (1963-65).

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